Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Waking up.

*Wiggles and stretches my fingers.* Boy this is going to be a long post. There isn't a character limit on these blog posts right? I hope not because if there is I'll be going over it. And I don't feel like splitting up this post. Anyway here goes.

This morning Kat EAT woke me up. Told me it was time to get moving. She It had already put my stuff in a car and made me a sandwich to eat while driving. Can't complain about the service I guess. o.o

Me:"Well..umm thanks.."
EAT:"We don't have much time. Lets get moving."
Me:"Where are we going?"
EAT:"To one of the safe houses."
Me:"You could be a little more specific."
EAT:"You'll just have to trust me."
Me:"You killed my best friend and I'm supposed to fucking trust you?!"
Me:"You really don't understand human emotions at all do you?"
EAT:"My experiments with human psychology are one of my least effective ones. However I do understand the basics. Your anger at me is pointless, you will survive longer with my protection."
Me:"Whatever. You can't just go killing people for knowledge, there are better ways to get smarter! You are a monster!"
EAT:"How is killing humans for knowledge any different than killing for money or power. I am no more of a monster than your fellow humans. You humans seem to forget the horrors you commit when accusing the Fears of exactly the same things."
Me:" At least we don't.."
EAT:"You don't what?"
Me:"...Not all of us are like that!"
EAT:"You eat other organisms for energy. I eat them for knowledge. Just because I eat humans makes me worse how exactly?"
Me:" Because..I.."
EAT:"Exactly, you don't know."

I didn't know how to respond to this. So I just got dressed and followed her to the car. Once she got inside I took my chance and ran off. I didn't care if It could keep me safe or not It's a fucking Fear!
A soon as I'm no use for her anymore It'll kill me. So fuck her and her bullshit.

I managed to outrun her pretty easily. When I thought I had lost her I looked around to see where I was. I didn't recognize the place but the street signs were still in dutch so probably still in Belgium.
I then heard someone running towards me. I couldn't see who it was because it was still dark. But I assumed it was EAT so I ran.

This time I couldn't seem to lose them. I was still tired so I couldn't run very far so I tried to hide behind a house. It didn't work this time.
It wasn't long before I was found. It wasn't EAT it was Jim, I recognized his mask immediately. Even though Incognito clearly shot him in the head he was still alive somehow. He came at me with a large knife. My weapons were still in EAT's car so I panicked and tried to run.

I was too slow, he stabbed my arm. It hurt like a motherfucker. Before I could react he pushed me to the ground. This was it, I was going to die. He stood over me with his knife ready and his other arm hanging limp. Probably still from when I dislocated it.

But then as he was about to stab me someone pushed him away. It was Kat.. I mean EAT. She then helped me get back up. Before we could get out of there Jim attacked us. Kat ..EAT jumped in front of me and got stabbed in the stomach. They struggled for a few seconds. I wanted to help her but I froze when I saw her "bleeding" water. She then told me to run back to the car. I ran while she held him down.

When I got to the car another camper was waiting for me. It was a woman around 25 years old. Must have been a new camper since her eyes were still dull and her blue hair was wet. I asked her what happened to Jim and Kat. Apparently Kat's body was "killed" by Jim but a group of campers had taken care of him.

She bandaged my wound and drove me to the safe house. After we arrived she treated my wound and told me to rest. It still fucking hurts but I'll be alright. Physically at least, emotionally I'm a freaking mess. With Jim and Kat gone (even though they both were already gone.. its still different..) I'm all alone now.

Even that fucking Cecilia doesn't give a shit about me. She fucking kissed knight and then suddenly realized "Oh that's right I'm going to Belgium now. I wonder if Alicia exists in this universe."

I'm sorry I'm getting too emotional. The old me wouldn't have cared about some girl all across the ocean/universes that only talks to me on these blogs. But I guess being hunted by eldritch abominations changes people.

That reminds me I started this blog because of Jim. To record my dreams but I haven't done that in weeks. Maybe I should just stop with this blog. I'll just stay here with EAT, let her study my "resonance" thingy. That way I'll be safe-ish. It's that or giving up because I just can't do this anymore.

Incognito once told me all things come to an end. And that I should think about returning to a normal life. Maybe.. maybe this is as close as I'll get to a normal life. I know I can't trust EAT but its better than being on my own. And if I don't use this blog anymore I can leave my old life behind and focus on this one.

Anyway I guess its time I say goodbye. Not really because I'll still be around and leaving comments but I won't be updating this blog anymore. You guys have helped me more than you realize, thank you for that.

Stay safe and don't die. I'll try to do the same. Alicia Owly out.<x3

Flash drive open thee!

EAT just told me she cracked the flash drive! Apparently in the file was a list of all the previous and currently known Resonators. o.O
Hundreds of them from all over the world. (Which isn't much if you think about it.)

I'm on there next to my father, who was apparently also a Resonator. It also says he's deceased. Oh well, never knew him. That does explain him running away though. That sucks.. :/
I'll probably end up like him eventually. Oh god..
And according to the list there is one more Belgian Resonator. It doesn't say much about him/her though. Now I really am confused as to who would send this to me..

Anyway, short post but I thought you guys should know this. <x3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A talk with EAT

Talking to eldritch abominations isn't easy. It only left me very confused. I'll just write down the conversation before I start ranting.

Me:"Let me out of here EAT. I need to run before tall dark and Faceless finds me."
EAT:"Do not worry. Tomorrow we will transport you to a different location."
Me:"Why the hell would I go anywhere with you?!"
EAT:"As you just said, to avoid the Slender man."
Me:"I can do that on my own."
EAT:"He will find you if you go on foot. My camper can drive you around. The faster you travel the harder it is for him to keep up."
Me:"That's bullshit! He can find me anywhere and anytime."
EAT:"No, He cannot. He has too many targets to track. Even He has limits, this is why he uses proxies. By travelling faster you can avoid him slightly better. The fact that my camper are with you also helps."

EAT:"Tomorrow we move out."
Me:"..What did you mean with your camper also helping? And why the fuck are you doing this?"
EAT:"Most of us "Fears" as you humans call us try to avoid each other. And why am I doing what?"
Me:"I meant why are you locking me up and helping me?"
EAT:"As I've said before I am studying you."
Me:"Studying me? Fuck that shit! I've heard about how you study people I'm not letting you come near me!
EAT:"Calm down. My intent is not to harm you. You are worth more alive and healthy than you would be wounded or dead."
Me:"So you can turn me into a camper you mean. <.< "
EAT:"No. You do not have any knowledge that I want. "
Me:"Why did you turn Kat into a camper then? She didn't exactly have much knowledge about anything.."(I didn't mean this the way it came out but yeah.. Kat wasn't the brightest person I knew.)

EAT:"She knew where to find you."
Me:"What? How?!"
EAT:"On her blog she stated having found a notebook with your location in it."
Me:"But that was a trap wait wha.. Who put the notebook there?"
EAT:"Yes it was a trap but the information was accurate. And I do not know who made the notebook."
Me:"I see...But why would you want to study me that badly? I'm just a normal nerdy girl."
EAT:"Well that is complicated. You are not just a normal human female. You are one of a few humans that because of some unknown reason amplifies the effects us "Fears" have on our surroundings.
You can compare it to a resonator. I wish to study you to find out what causes this resonance. This is why the Slender man wants you so badly. If he managed to turn you into his proxy he would gain an advantage, same thing for the other fears. Luckily most of them haven't found you yet.

Me:"I'm what?..I don't..But doesn't that mean you would want to make me into a camper? Or worse dissect me? I don't get it.."
EAT:"I have only gotten my hands on a few so called "resonators". The camper process always neutralized the resonance and so did the death of the study subjects. This is why I want you alive."
Me:"So the Intrusion came after me because I'm a resonator thingy?.."
EAT:"No. The intrusion stumbled upon you by accident. They mostly act on instinct. There is a chance of your resonance making your house an easy gateway into this world for them though. "
Me:"Then why did the fuckers attack me a few days ago?!"
EAT :"You destroyed one of their hives. They recognized your smell and thought of you as a threat probably."

At this point I gave up on asking questions because any question she it answered three more popped up. I just asked her if one of her camper could hack into this flash drive I still have. Don't get me wrong I'm still running away from her the first chance I get. I just need time to process this..<x3

Monday, January 28, 2013

Living with EAT

So according to his personal slender proxy Incognito is still alive. Kinda suspicious how his van supposedly blew up for almost no reason. But that could be the proxy's fault. I only know this because said proxy updated Incognito's blog. Lets just hope he isn't lying.

Anyway I was right about EAT once again being the one that locked me up. This time however I wasn't in there for long. She It released me not too long after my last post. I use the word "released" in a relative sense because I'm still trapped in this house. Atleast its more than a dark and tiny room I guess.

Kat EAT was the one who treated my wound. She It said she it didn't use any liquids contaminated with ichor/ink. I'm not sure I can believe her but I already tried escaping and that failed so I don't have much of a choice.
She It is not a very talkative person. Which freaks me out a bit, I'm not used to seeing Kat this quiet. Then again its not really Kat but still its weird. Kat used to be like a hyperactive chipmunk on speed. And now she's.. just dull.

The dull look in her eyes has lessened though. Must be her body adapting to being a camper or something. I would try escaping again but she it took most of my stuff. I just have my clothes and this laptop. At first I refused anything Kat EAT gave me but I need food to survive so ye.

So far I'm not obsessing over anything yet so who knows, EAT might actually be telling the truth. She It has saved me two times already so...
Ugh who am I kidding Fears are monsters she it's just doing this for some selfish reason. I can't let myself be fooled. That's it, I'm going to talk to her and if she it doesn't let me go I'll force her to.

I'll let you guys know how it went.<x3

Damnit EAT

Mr.I:  "Current plan, change of towns, we hung out in one spot for far too long an..."
Mr.I: "How are you holding up?
Me: "Good enough."

That was a lie, I wasn't holding up at all. I was breaking down, slowly but surely. Its a miracle that I'm still standing but I don't have much of a choice now do I?
I'm not going to repeat my ranting of a few days ago, or was it a week? I can barely remember how many days have passed since I started running. Instead I will just write down what happened.

I was in the middle of saying something when suddenly SPLAT. A flying spider flew against the windscreen. It freaked me out but Incognito needed some time to realize that it wasn't a normal bug.
"We need to go faster..." He said. "Much faster" I agreed. "BUT NOT IN THAT DIRECTION!"
I shouted because ahead of us was a swarm of bugs coming right at us.

Mr.I: "Fuck me sideways."

He swirled the car around trying to get away from the intrusion. But the road was slippery and we hit a street light. I quickly got out of the car and grabbed my stuff. I threw a can of raid to Incognito and ran off with another can.
Incognito follows me and quickly catches up.

Mr.I:"Hold on dammit!"
Me:"I'd rather not."
A flying spider came too close for comfort so I sprayed it.
Me:"FUCK, how the fuck are we going to lose these things!"
Mr.I:"Still thinking!"

He shot at the bugs behind us with his shotgun. It didn't help.
Mr.I:"Knew I needed a flame thrower."
Me:"Too late for that!"

Suddenly a group of those huge crabs were blocking our way."CRAP!" I panicked.
Incognito rolled his can of raid at them and told me to get back. He then shot the can and it blew up.
I dashed through the small path that the explosion opened up. But Incognito got knocked down by one of the crabs.

Mr.I:" GO!"
Me:"Crap! Here take this!"

I threw my can of raid at him hoping it would help him. When suddenly another swarm came at me.
I quickly ran into an alleyway. I heard Incognito fire his gun several times. So I turned around to see if he was alright but instead one of the flying spiders bit me. It hurt so badly that I screamed. I tried to get away but my memory gets hazy after that point.

Now I'm here, the bite wound has been bandaged and once again I have no idea where I am. If EAT is behind this again I swear I'll punch her it in the face. Even though she kinda saved me.. I guess. <.<
I hope Incognito is alright..<x3

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little owl.

If the owl does not wake up she will fall.
That is something I can not allow.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Sorry for not posting yesterday but I was just... Jim is dead.

We were staking out the building for hours without anything exciting happening. When suddenly my Internet went poof. I told Incognito about it and he thought it was odd. He said something had to be messing up the connection.

Me:"But what could do that?"
Me: "Dammit I was just trying to enjoy these lolcats." (Yes I like cats, fuck you.)
Mr.I:"I suggest you prepare, if something is intercepting the signal, then something is coming"
Me:"Agreed, should I try on my new gloves, or you think they can't be trusted? That is if whatever is coming isn't a Fear."
Mr.I:"You never punched me with those gloves, so I can't really tell if they will be useful or not"

I couldn't tell whether he was being serious or if that was an attempt at a joke. His voice sounded more serious than it should have. But then again, it always does.
He continued by saying something about experimenting with the gloves. And how it was hard to see how it could be a trap. But before he could finish talking a sudden flash came from the dentists building.

It blinded us for a few seconds. When we regained our sight Incognito grabbed his gun and asked if I wanted to stay or come along. I wasn't going to stay behind, if we separated we would be easy targets. At least I would be. <.<

So I put on my gloves and grabbed my knife. I then followed Incognito in to the building. Following his advice of sticking to the walls. After a walk that seemed to take ages we finally got to the dentists office. Incognito kicked down the door and aimed his gun down.

In the dentists chair was a body. It wasn't there last time. It looked like it has been dried of all bodily fluids and was all scratched up with numerous holes in it's body. In the head there was a hole with an eye, it looked like it's been poked numerous times. the body is also missing teeth and is dressed in a doctors uniform. I almost puked when I saw it.

Me:" This wouldn't be the dentist I hope? Any Idea what could have done this?"

Before Incognito could respond we both heard a faint sound. We couldn't pin point where it came from so we quietly looked around trying to hear another sound. But when we did it was too late.
Someone grabbed my arm from behind. I reacted by punching him in the jaw, I could tell it was a heavy blow but it didn't seem to bother him. It was Jim.

Incognito draws his gun and aims at Jim but couldn't get a clear shot. So I hit Jim's elbow with my gloves and managed to dislocate his joint. This gave me the chance to get out of his grip, I rolled over the floor and stayed down.
Jim came directly at me and Incognito shot him through the head.

Mr.I:"Won't be getting information out of him..."
Mr.I:"Lets go, nothing to do here"
Me:"But Jim He..Why did you have to kill him you could have shot him in the leg or something!"
Mr.I:""He was going after you, probably a kill shot, wasn't going to take that risk, was either you, or him, and since he was one of them...It was a pretty easy choice."
Me:"I..can't argue with that...lets just go back to the van." I couldn't stop my tears as we walked back to the van.
Mr.I:"No point in mourning, it was better to kill him off, rather than let him be killed by one of them, who knows what happens after death by their hand."

I knew he was right but still..It was Jim. I'm the reason he's dead now. I just..
I haven't talked to Incognito since. I just sat here trying to forget with some help from lolcats.